The software is very easy to use and allows us to do so much more with our data than we could with our previous donor database. I especially like that the reports are completely customizable so you can choose exactly what information you want in each report.

Kait H.
Director of Development

“ I really love this system. 🙂 

Ann Marie W.
Office Manager

DonorView has given us the visibility that we’ve tried to gain for years. We have finally achieved the ability tocommunicate effectively and efficiently – internally and with our donors.

Michael S.
Chief Professional Officer

DonorView has made my life as a Development associate so much easier. Dan and Heather are wonderfully helpful people, and are readily available to answer any questions and provide support. My former donation management system was dated and messy, and DonorView has enabled me to create an easy-to-use, customizable database. With DonorView, we are now able to accept online donations, which helps us reach out to a new group of donors, and further our mission. I would highly recommend the company to anyone wishing to use an easy-to-manage donation system!

Jennifer G.
Development Assistant

We have found DonorView Software to be a valuable tool in staying in contact with not only our donors, but with our entire NEBC Family. This single software replaces four previously used software packages and provides seamless communication, donation tracking, reporting, and more. Best of all, both the sales and support staff have proven valuable partners through their excellent customer service. It is my pleasure to commend DonorView to you.

Mark B.

Donorview has changed our world …information is now at our fingertips… We used to run around looking for a document that I know we copied multiple times and filed in multiple places – now I just log into DonorView and there it is!

Cathy S.
Business Development

DonorView has been very responsive and knowledgeable when it comes to their support of the database. I have never waited longer than 1 day for a response from DonorView, and most of the time it has been within the hour.

Amy F.
Director of Development

Previously we used Quickbooks to manage our donor history. I gave DonorView multiple exports of data and they brought everything into DonorView quickly and correctly. I am so happy with everything! It has been a smooth transition since it is easy to use and they are always available to help with any questions.

Britleigh I.
Development Director

The customer service that we have received during our transition to Donorview has been impressive. The attention to detail and their concern for making sure that our data was transferred accurately was incredible. Whenever we have needed help, even at a moment’s notice…they have been there for us.

Kevin S.
Director of Development

I was so happy to see how closely DonorView is tailored to Quickbooks and our business. I am now able to provide our organization with the kind of reporting that we really need, and quickly.

Cathy R.
Finance Director

Selling event tickets through DonorView has been very convenient. Being able to print out event attendance reports quickly has helped streamline our box office.

Robin L.
Theater Arts Director

DonorView customer service has been exceptional in all respects. Their staff always responds immediately, and theywelcome our feedback and ideas for improving functionality. Their team has been instrumental since day one and has been a great pleasure to work with.

Lenka H.
Operations Manager

We switched to DonorView to manage our fundraising, memberships, newsletters, events and online donations. Aggregating data in one central place increased efficiency and reduced costs significantly for us. DonorView gives us easy access and powerful analysis of all our data.

Richard F.
Executive Director

I want to let you know that the Board really liked getting the information in the Donor Profile Report. They thought it looked great and was well organized. Thanks for getting it that way!

Eleanor A.
Development Director

We recently switched to DonorView and couldn’t be more pleased. The ability to use the software to accept online donations and to sell tickets has streamlined our event and fundraising efforts. We are also pleased to have our email marketing info stored in the same software as our donor database. DonorView is also very user friendly, and the data from our email marketing database and our donor databasetransferred easily with no problem.

Sarah S.
Development Associate