DonorView makes it easy for people to donate to your organization.

Donate Now Button

Why not make it easy for your constituents to make a donation? We give you all the tools to create a customized, easy-to-use Donate Now button. Then you can include it everywhere that your donors are – your emails, your surveys, your website, your social media sites or anywhere else!

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Include a Donate Now Button
  • Ability to create a fully customizable “Donate Now” button – change the text, color, font or size
  • Add a “Donate Now” button to your website
  • Publish a “Donate Now” button on your social media pages
  • Include a “Donate Now” button in your email communications

Donation Information Page

Donors like simple forms when making donations. You like getting the data that you need on the donation. We help you come together by giving you the tool to make a customized page that captures enough information and is easy for the donor to use.

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Capture Donation Information
  • Customize your donation page with colors, fonts, your logo, error messages and much more
  • Apply professional, pre-designed themes to your donation page
  • Allow donors to make one-time or reocurring donations
  • Add custom fields to donation page to capture specific information about the donation
  • Allow donors to join your email lists directly from the donation page

Maintain Communication

We’ll let you know whenever someone donates online. We’ll even capture the donation in your CRM and Fund Raising records. Using our integrated email marketing product, you can send a customized acknowledgement to complete the process.

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Complete the Online Process
  • Donations captured online are automatically recorded in CRM and Fundraising
  • Customize the acknowledgement email with an advanced html editor
  • Send automatic acknowledgement emails to online donors
  • Receive internal notification emails for each online donation received