Attract more members by offering online registration on your website and social media pages.

Setting up Membership Plans

Creating custom membership plans doesn’t have to be difficult. DonorView gives you flexible tools to create plans, levels, prices, add-on purchases and non-refundable fees. Once you have the basics, you can use our pre-designed themes or apply your own colors and fonts so your form looks just the way you want.

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Set up unlimited, custom membership forms
  • Create unlimited family or children-only membership plans with specific pricing
  • Include non-refundable fees for any plan level
  • Accept registrations between specific dates and times
  • Create a customizable “Join Now” button – change the text, color, font or size and add it to your website, social media pages or email communications
  • Customize your membership registration page with professional, pre-designed themes or apply your own colors and fonts
  • Ability to print out badge stickers for members
  • Upload a document and specify if it requires the member’s acknowledgement
  • Set Auto-Reminder emails for members to renew their plan

Flexible Payment Options

DonorView gives you the tools to allow your members to pay for their memberships over time. Whether you prorate fees, collect the full fee upfront, allow for future payments or apply subsidies, we have you covered. You can view outstanding balances on-screen or run member statements when you are ready to collect any amounts due.

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Allow your members to pay over time
  • Prorate annual membership fees based on registration date
  • Chose to collect full payment up-front or allow members to pay later
  • Allow recurring billing on memberships
  • Collect a non-refundable fee at time of registration
  • Process cash, check or credit card payments
  • Apply subsidy payments such as scholarships to outstanding balances
  • View outstanding balances by member or program
  • Generate member statements and receipts
  • Accept gift memberships with the ability to send auto-acknowledgments to purchaser and giftee

Parent Portal Accounts

Imagine the convenience of an online portal that allows the parents of your members to share information about themselves, their children and their household with your organization. The portal will allow parents to register and pay online for their children to attend your organization and programs. It will even allow parents to see real-time attendance as their children are being checked-in and out of your locations for the day.

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Streamline membership and program registration
  • Create fully secured accounts for parents using their email and password
  • Give parents the power to share and edit their family’s information
  • Allow parents to register and pay online for membership and programs
  • Manage registration times, prices and number of registrants for your programs
  • Allow parent to monitor their child’s attendance through the portal

Smarter Attendance

Get rid of the paper sign in/out sheets – your program and member attendance can now be completely mobile. Imagine being able to take attendance on your smart phone or tablet by scanning members id cards or typing in their membership ID number. You’ll also have the convenience of an attendance list that includes medical and emergency contact information. When members check in or out, it is updated real-time in DonorView and on the Parent Portal, so parents have immediate access to track their child’s attendance.

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Take attendance anytime and anywhere
  • Download the app onto any apple or android device
  • Ability to check members in & out for attendance
  • Download the app onto any apple or android device
  • Take attendance by scanning member ID cards as kids come in the door
  • Allow members to type in their ID number if they forgot their ID card
  • Limit user access to specific programs or locations