Want to create a campaign that will deliver results? Just follow these four steps:

Upload or create new recipient list

Whether you have a large or small mailing list, if you want to send to everyone on your list or just to a smaller segment, we make it easy every step of the way. All you need are the email addresses.

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What is a recipient list?

A list composed of the email addresses of customers, members, supporters, or others who have given you their permission to contact them.

How do you create a recipient list?

You can import your contacts (via Microsoft Excel or .CSV file) from any email software (such as Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo!), or add new ones manually by typing them into the system.

You can do more with recipient lists
  • Capture customized information about recipients and use that information to create more personal, more relevant email campaigns
  • Sort, categorize, and create lists based on specific criteria
  • Allow your recipients to manage their subscription preferences
  • Quickly update and maintain recipient lists with search, filter, and edit tools
  • Manage recipient unsubscribes to specific lists or to all lists
  • Combine multiple recipient lists into one
  • Create targeted segments of your list based on specific actions from your previous campaigns, such as opens or clicks on specific links

Select a template from our library or create your own

Professional-looking email marketing templates are at your fingertips. Start with one of our more than 200 predesigned templates, and make it your own with easy-to-use editing tools. Want to start from scratch? Try our drag-and-drop template builder and design your own from scratch without learning any HTML. You can also import a template that was built for you or code your own in HTML.

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Find the template that works for you
  • Choose from hundreds of professionally predesigned templates
  • Design your own using a simple drag-and-drop layout builder
  • Import an existing template from your computer
  • Create a template from scratch using a sophisticated HTML editor
  • Customize your template by choosing from different color palettes, inserting your pictures, including links to your social media websites, and many other options
  • Edit the layout of existing templates with a simple drag-and-drop layout editor
  • Manage your template library with customizable categories and search criteria
  • Customize multiple email footers for recipient lists
  • Unlimited image storage is included in your monthly subscription

Review and Send, or Schedule Campaign

Before you distribute your email, it’s important to know how your recipients will see it. Sent our email tests to make sure your message will look perfect, no matter how it’s viewed. Once you’re happy with the appearance, and you’ve confirmed that all the links work properly, distributing your campaign is a breeze: Send it through email, post it to your social media sites, or both — all in one step. Want to schedule your campaign for specific date and time? No problem!

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Options to distribute your campaign via email and social media
  • Free email tests are included in your monthly subscription
  • Distribute your campaign via email
  • Share your campaign on social media – Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn
  • Send your campaign immediately or schedule it for a specific day and time
  • Dynamically create unlimited auto responders
  • Archive your sent campaigns for recipients to view at a later time

Analyze Campaign Results

After you’ve distributed your campaign, we make it easy for you to see how well it was received. Want to know how many people opened the message and clicked on the links? Want to know who “liked” the campaign or shared it on social media sites? You’ll see all this information and more. We also show you trends across your campaigns so you’ll know which ones were the most successful, and what you can change to make future campaigns even more effective.

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Learn what worked
  • View a summary of your campaign effectiveness with colorful graphs and charts
  • Check your email delivery statistics, including who opened the email, which ones bounced, and who unsubscribed
  • See who is “liking”, sharing, or commenting on your campaign on social media sites
  • View who is clicking on which links in your campaign and how many times they are clicking on them
  • Analyze campaign trends and averages to see which campaigns are the most successful
  • Quickly check the status of your campaign from an easy-to-read dashboard