Important Announcement: We are making our Support Process more Efficient.

The DonorView Support system is being updated to make the process more efficient for everyone. Depending on the issue, one or more DonorView employees will be involved in the resolution. Therefore, it is important that we streamline communication through the Support Ticketing System.

Starting March 1st 2017 we will require all support issues to be submitted through the DonorView Support Ticket System rather than emailing Additionally, there has been confusion on both sides when multiple issues are reported within the same ticket. Therefore, all new issues must be reported in separate tickets (one issue per ticket). Please go to to log your issues going forward. You can create a login to the support site to see your previous tickets and check the status on your current tickets.

We ask that you only use the address for suggestions you have about how to improve the software for everyone. The items emailed to will not be monitored daily, but will be reviewed, so please be sure not to submit any time-sensitive items to the email.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain the highest level of support possible.